October 10, 2023

Katerina Makarevich

Belarusian Ekaterina Makarevich was accused of organizing so-called “extremist” performances. Allegedly, together with a group of people, Ekaterina held a number of political performances. One of them was at the Vitebsk cemetery. They put Lukashenka’s portrait on someone’s grave and filmed a staged funeral on a cell phone. Yekaterina worked as a chief accountant before …

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Viktoria Gavrilina

Belarusian Victoria Gavrilina is a dancer, entrepreneur and mother of two underage boys – Yan and Taras. She was sentenced to three years in prison for donations and “leaking” data. Together with her husband Dmitry, she participated in dance competitions. “Dance for us is an escape from the ordinary. Everyday celebration of life, which saves …

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Anna Korneenko

Belarusian Anna Korneenko was sentenced to five years in prison. Previously, the woman worked as an accountant at Minsk Electrotechnical Plant. It is known that Anna was fired after the “People’s ultimatum” in 2020. She tried to challenge the dismissal in court.

Marina Sankevich

Belarusian Marina Sankevich was sentenced to seven years in prison for comments in the Telegram channels, which the Belarusian authorities called “banned. The girl was accused of insulting Lukashenko, inciting hatred and organizing mass riots. The content of the comments remained unknown.

Alina Goreva

Alina Goreva was detained on the day when she received her diploma of geodesist at the graduation ceremony at the Barysau branch of BNTU. Three days later she was called an ambulance to the police station, but was not hospitalized. Then the girl was transferred to the pre-trial detention center, where she developed pyelonephritis and …

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