Political prisoners

Victoryja Naviсkaya: “She went to court with the feeling that they would not let her out. And they didn’t let her out.”

Belarusian political prisoner Victoryja Naviсkaya is the sister of Yan Melnikаu,   Kastus Kalinouski regiment’s volunteer. She was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for being the sister of a man who defends Ukraine. Here is what her cellmate says about Victoryja:

“Vika served 26 days at the detention center, then she was released and two days later she was re-detained, but already with the criminal charges. Vika is a lawyer in labor law, she is very fair and supportive. She had some personal belongings and hygienig stuff and she shared it with everyone. She treated everyone equally friendly and well. When I had panic attacks, Vika pulled me out of it. I collapsed into her lap. If not for Vika, who knew what to do, I would have died.

Vika was called a chinchilla in the cell, because she loved to sort out her things and rustle them. She kept everything clean and tidy. Just a chinchilla lady. Vika cried once – after the trial. When she received a package from volunteers from Germany. She was delighted to be supported. She always said that she had always been surrounded by wonderful people. She also talked about her cellmates, always shared with everyone. Somehow they brought her a bag of “Bounty” and she chared them with everyone. Vika has had rheumatoid arthritis since her youth, but despite this, she went in for sports every day. She lost six kilograms and went to court slim.

In pre-trial detention centers, people often withdraw into themselves and do not talk to anyone. Vicka didn’t do that. She was very steadfast, she told a lot of stories, and also, she adored her husband. Vika went to court with the feeling that they would not let her out. And they didn’t let her out. After the verdict, she went into the cell and said, “A year and a half in prison.” What a nightmare.”

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