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Volha Rybina

The teacher and animator of the “Belarusfilm” studio, Volha Rybina, was sentenced to three years in prison for donating to

Danuta Peradnja

Danuta Peradnja

Danuta Peradnja is the youngest “terrorist”.  She is only 21 years old.  The girl was sentenced to six and a

Ljudmila Ramanovich

After the start of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine, Ljudmila Ramanovich wrote a letter of protest to the website of

Iryna Schasnaja

Belarusian political scientist Irina Schasnaja was accused of preparing mass riots and wassentenced to four years in prison for that.

Iryna Leushyna

Journalist and editor-in-chief of BelaPan Iryna Leushyna was sentenced to four years in prison. Here is what a former prisoner

Natallja Taran

Political prisoner Natallja Taran was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. She is 74 years old and

Tanya Karpovich

Belarusian Tanya Karpovich is 25 years old. She was detained for transferring data of law enforcers, teachers and judges to

Natallia Petrovich

Belarusian Natallia Petrovich was 68 years old when she was sentenced to six years in prison for her comments. The

Anastasia Pokatashkina

The Belarusian was detained for “financing a terrorist organization.” Anastasia’s place of detention is unknown.

Anna Iliina

Belarusian Anna Iliina was sentenced to three years in a penal colony for insulting a representative of the authorities. Unknown

Natalia Letsko

Belarusian Natallia Letsko is 62 years old. She was sentenced to a year in a penal colony for the fact

Veronika Nikolkina

Belarusian Veronika Nikolkina is accused of participating in protests and inciting hatred. The law enforcers published a video with the

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Political prisoners

Stories and portraits of Belarusian political prisoners

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