Political prisoners

Iryna Zlobina: How a Belarusian female political prisoner was getting married in the prison

The Belarusian Iryna Zlobina and her fiancé Andrei Aliaksandrau were sentenced to 9 and 14 years of imprisonment for helping people who had been repressed by the authorities. They were both detained in January 2021. In September 2022, Iryna and Andrei Aliaksandrau got married in SIZO No. 1. Iryna’s former cellmate shared some details: 

“I wasn’t in the prison cell when Ira Zlobina was getting ready for her marriage, but I was told by the other girls. A black stanning dress with long sheer sleeves and an open back was handed over to Iryna in jail. The girls did a temporary tattoo of pantera on her back, as well as helped to style Iryna’s hair beautifully. The wedding registration was without wedding witnesses, only prison guards were present. Her cellmates made confetti to sprinkle over Iryna upon her return from the prison wedding ceremony. However, the girls were taken for a walk when Ira came to the cell, so later the girls asked her to imitate her return to the cell from the wedding ceremony, and she was sprinkled and wished all the best”

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