Political prisoners

Julia Mudrevskaya

My name is K. and I will tell you about Yulia Mudrevskaya. Together with her, we sat in the IVS all day long. Yulia thought that since the law enforcers told her to come to them herself, she thought that they would not detain her. But they did. Because of this, she missed a very important biopsy. As a result, Yulia was given a year and a half in a penal colony, but she never had the biopsy… Yulia drank a lot of pills and had to constantly argue with the medical staff, who did not want “you to die on his shift”. Yulia has two children and a very elderly mom who she was always worried about. She supported everyone in the cell, saying “girls, everything will be fine, none of us will be given a colony, why are you hanging your noses”. Yeah. 

She had a bright pink manicure and pedicure, which she had done right before the detention, because “summer had started”. And she would often look at it and say “fuck, there’s nothing more ridiculous in this environment than my pink nails”.

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