Political prisoners

No questions were stupid for her

Lyudmila Chekina is the former general director of TUT.BY. She was sentenced to 12 years in a penal colony. On July 13, Lyudmila turned 50 years old.

Former PR-manager of TUT.BY Sasha Pushkina told how she remembers Lyudmila from her work and life circumstances.


“Lyudmila Yurievna is a kind open person. And this in no way prevents her from being an incredible leader. Her professionalism could not be questioned. On any controversial issue, one could always come to Lyudmila and understand how to act, because in addition to management issues, she is also familiar with legal issues. There was no need to even knock on her door, because she was sitting in a huge office with the rest of her colleagues. And no questions were stupid for her. So she certainly didn’t inspire fear in her supervisor, only respect. It’s hard to remember the days when Ludmila didn’t smile, she always found a reason to be happy, even in dark times. 

Ludmila loves her pets, the lawn next to the house, she took care of the flowers there, loves good ideas and determined people, loves when a person is seriously passionate about something. Memorizes it and then is always interested in the history of the hobby. Lyudmila believes that if you dream, you can definitely achieve a lot.

In a company like TUT.BY something serious happened every day and it seemed that Lyudmila was not even stressed anymore. But when something happened to someone from the team, it was obvious that she was very worried. I felt her concern especially strongly myself when I received a subpoena, as I was working at the protests. I think her offer to stay at her house for a few months allowed me to avoid the experience in the pre-trial detention center. I wish I could do the same now!

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