Political prisoners

“Our emotions are the most honest realm of personality.”

Belarusian Alesia Lyantsevich is a psychologist and crisis psychology specialist of the Insight Center.  She was asked for four years in prison for leaving comments about siloviki and Lukashenko in the comments, as well as donations for victims in 2020. 

Alesia Liantsevich helped Belarusians who were in a psychological crisis, conducted seminars and counseling. Alesya also worked with victims of domestic violence.

“The social penetrates into the family, and the one who takes the place of a leader in the community – the one who by his example transmits informal norms of relations between people. And the less developed is the self-consciousness of a person from the perceiving audience, the realization of himself as an autonomous and responsible subject – the easier he perceives these samples as a value norm.

In this sense, any leader is psychologically responsible for what he broadcasts to the group. In some cases, the community valuefully outgrows the one who took the role of leader, and therefore rejects these pseudo-norms.

In a vicious circle, the only signal that something is wrong can sometimes be the victim’s own feelings of discomfort. Our emotions are the most honest realm of personality. Mental interpretations, rationalizations and justifications are built on top and are sometimes misleading.

To be fair, feelings can also be distorted, like “love” in Stockholm Syndrome. But, in general, if one can trust one’s feelings, they often point them out to one”

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