Political prisoners

Vitaliya Bandarenka: “Congratulate me, I got married”. About the Belarusian female political prisoner Vitaliya Bandarenka

Palitviazynka Vitaliya Bandarenka was born in 2002 year. She was sentenced to 4 years in a penal colony for taking part in protests in August 2020. Vita (as Vitaliya was called by other palitviazynkas) got married in a colony. Here’s what a former female political prisoner said about Vita:

“She was really worried because Vita wasn’t sure if it would happen. She thought that something might go wrong. And when the marriage registration happened, she was really very happy. Just after the registration, she went to work in the colony,  came to me and said,  “Congratulate me, I got married”. She was smiling but her cheeks were red.

I’ve never seen Vita sad. Of course, like all political prisoners, she had a lot of worries, but I’ve never seen her in despair. Vitalyia takes care of herself.  She is in good physical shape and she really knows what real friendship is”.

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