Political prisoners

Volha Zalatar: “The letter of mother in political imprisonment”

Volha Zalatar is a mother of five children who is currently in political imprisonment. She has been sentenced to four years in prison. Here is an excerpt from her letter:

“I can hardly bear the thought that I won’t be able to celebrate Easter with you [my family]. I won’t be able to bake an Easter cake, and we won’t be able to go to church together. However, I firmly believe that everything will be alright for our family and our country. I am getting the unique experience, meet extraordinary people. You wouldn’t like the walking yards here, they are not big rectangular or square courtyards  with high coarse rough concrete wet walls. Overhead there is a lattice or grid. Despite these conditions, it is still pleasant to go outside and enjoy the sun or a light drizzle. I have a clear conscience, as I have always done good deeds. I have you, my amazing children, and the best husband and caring mother. Many people are praying for me and supporting me. I feel endless gratitude towards God and people. Love emanates from within me in waves. I hold no anger towards those who have committed crimes against me and my family, instead, I feel pity for them.”

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