Political prisoners

Natallja Taran

Natallja Taran

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Political prisoner Natallja Taran was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. She is 74 years old and life in the colony is very difficult for her. At home, a very sick husband is waiting for a woman, for whom she is really worried. Here is what a former political prisoner said about her:

“Granny Taran is 74 years old… Natallja Vjachaslavauna Taran. She came to us from another unit. They persecuted her there. She cried for two more weeks after being moved to our unit.

She became a star here. Everyone respects her. She is the grandmother of the whole unit. Her husband is very sick at home. So every time she receives a letter or calls home, she cries. She is afraid that the old man will die without her. That is her weak point and that is how she was pressured to admit guilt. There is such a task for operatives”.

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