Political prisoners

Tanya Karpovich

Tanya Karpovich

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Belarusian Tanya Karpovich is 25 years old. She was detained for transferring data of law enforcers, teachers and judges to the Telegram channel “Black Book of Belarus. She was sentenced to five years in prison.  Her former cellmate said that Tanya was always very calm and polite. Also, Tanya gave gifts to everyone in the cell. Some became peculiar amulets for women. For example – Easter gingerbread.

“On Easter she was brought beautiful painted gingerbread – in the form of an egg and the inscription “Christ is Risen”. Tanya distributed these gingerbread to everyone, many went with hers to the trial. One girl said she was very nervous and ate it at the trial, and another girl in the courtroom kept it as an amulet.  I then told Tanya that I would keep my gingerbread and give it to my children. It was lying under my mattress with a photo of my children, and I believed that it would save me. When I left Belarus, I took it with me. Unfortunately, it crumbled on the road, but still remains with me,” says Tatiana’s cellmate.

Our interlocutor says that Tanya often went to meet with her lawyer. And once she came crying – she was charged with additional charges based on the first interrogation.

“She was threatened by the investigator and was very depressed. It was customary for us to cry in a “dignified” way – so as not to upset anyone, which means crying quietly and on your bunk. I was too shy to come to comfort her, although I realized that Tanya was going to get a big sentence. And she – when I was crying when I learned about the disease.”

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