Political prisoners

Zianida Mikhaniuk

Zianida Mikhaniuk

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Female political prisoner Viera Tsvikievich has fully served her sentence for a political article. The woman spoke about political prisoner Zinaida Mikhaniuk, an activist of the REP trade union, who was sentenced to two years in prison.

“I met Zinaida in penal colony No. 4. We were in the same unit, the 5th one, for 2.5 months until I was released. Zinaida never got discouraged, always had a smile on her face, and always maintained a positive attitude. She is a kind and sympathetic woman. Since she is a pensioner, she did not go to the sewing factory with us; she was in the detachment. I was always freezing in the penal colony; it was very cold there. I had only thin socks until my relatives handed me some clothes, and Zinaida was not indifferent and helped me. On the penultimate day before my release from prison, she gave me this postcard. It is so precious. Her fortitude and zest for life, I am sure, help many who are in that terrible place. I look forward to the day of her release. My thoughts and heart are with her, as they are with all those with whom I was cast in a lot.”

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