Political prisoners

Anastasija Lazarenka

Anastasija Lazarenka

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Attorney Anastasija Lazarenka began practicing in 2011 and has provided legal assistance in criminal, civil, administrative, labor and family cases, and since the summer of 2020 she has also defended citizens in politically motivated cases.  During the most difficult period, she advised pro-bono at Akrestsina prisons and actively participated in the public life of Belarus.  Leter Anastasija was sentenced to six years in prison.

For almost a year now, Anastasia has maintained an excellent physical shape, despite the limited opportunities for doing sport.  Anastasija Lazarenka is not just a political prisoner.  She is a lawyer.  And the peculiarity of her position is not that she has a certain status, but that she defended not only her clients, but also their rights.  And so are our rights.  And she did it with dignity, without betraying the ideals of the profession.

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