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Volha Barushka

Volha Barushka worked as a doctor specializing in anesthesiology and intensive care. She was sentenced to two years in prison

Ksenyia Alkenava

Ksenyia Alkenava, who worked in an IT company, was accused of financing extremism in the amount of 425 conventional units.

Aksana Aliakseyeva

Aksana Aliakseyeva, the chairwoman of the Minsk organization of the United Civil Party, was detained along with her colleagues. She

Iryna Abdukeryna

Iryna Abdukeryna has been recognized as a political prisoner. She was born on May 27 and had to meet her

Iryna Melkher

A Belarusian female political prisoner, Iryna Melkher, was born in 1955. She was sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment in

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Political prisoners

Stories and portraits of Belarusian political prisoners

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