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Katerina Jig

Minsk resident Ekaterina Dzhig is charged under three articles of the criminal code for comments. She faces imprisonment. Katerina is

Polina Pochapskaya

Belarusian Polina Pochapskaya is a resident of Dzerzhinsk, who was sentenced to 2.5 years of “home chemistry” for participation in

Nadezhda Starovoitova

Nadezhda Starovoitova is a philologist and teacher at the Belarusian State University of Economics and one of the best experts

Olga Britikova

Belarusian Olga Britikova became famous in August 2020, when she literally cornered the law enforcers, who came to the factory

Larisa Kuzmenko

Larisa Mikhailovna Kuzmenka is a resident of Homel, a former employee of the enterprise “Homeloboyi”. She was convicted for alleged

Anna Skrigan

Belarusian political prisoner Anna Skrigan is a candidate of geography, former head of Mahiliou branch of the international association “Ecoproject”.

Aksana Yuryeva

Resident of Mahiljou Aksana Yuryeva was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for the fact that “via

Anastasija Padgajskaja

Three years of imprisonment for the anti-war position of the mother of three children. Belarusian Anastasija Padgajskaja is a mother

Darja Lychkouskaja

Photos from peaceful protests in 2020, Tik-Tok videos and private correspondence became the basis for initiating a criminal case against

Ekaterina Novikova

Belarusian Еkaterina Novikava was arrested in a nightgown. Before receiving the transfer, the woman wore a nightgown in the detention

Aksana Zareckaya

Political prisoner Aksana Zareckaya is a member of the main staff of the Coordinating Council, a coach in etiquette and

Kaciaryna Zareckaja

In mid-September last year, security forces detained five Minsk residents for hanging large national flags of Belarus and Ukraine on

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Political prisoners

Stories and portraits of Belarusian political prisoners

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