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Volha Tserakh

In mid-September, security forces detained five residents of Minsk for hanging large national flags of Belarus and Ukraine on the

Anastasija Lazarenka

Attorney Anastasija Lazarenka began practicing in 2011 and has provided legal assistance in criminal, civil, administrative, labor and family cases,

Hanna Kandratsenka

The Belarusian Hanna Kandratsenka sentenced to three years in prison for insulting representative of the authorities, insulting the President of

Meryem Herasimenka

Belarusian Meryem Herasimenka was sentenced to three years of restriction of liberty without serving the sentence in a correctional institution

Hanna Pyshnik

Belarusian political prisoner Hanna Pyshnik is 29 years old. She was sentenced to three years in prison for speaking out

Zianida Mikhaniuk

Female political prisoner Viera Tsvikievich has fully served her sentence for a political article. The woman spoke about political prisoner

Iryna Slaunikava

Former political prisoner Hanna spoke about journalist Iryna Slaunikava. Iryna was detained at Minsk airport on her way back from

Alena Hnauk

Alena Hnauk, 66, was tried under three “protest articles”. When the pensioner was already serving her sentence in the Homieĺ

Natallia Taran

Natallia Taran, a 75-year-old Belarusian woman, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on three charges –

Liudmila Khlusievich

Liudmila Khlusevich, a pensioner, was sentenced to two years of restricted freedom under home confinement (“chatniaja khimiya”) for one word

Iryna But-Husaim

Iryna But-Husaim was sentenced to 1.5 years in a general-security imprisonment for actions that grossly violate public order. The High

Valeryia Bayarovich

Valeryia Bayarovich was detained together with her journalist husband in March of this year, and later the couple was charged

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Political prisoners

Stories and portraits of Belarusian political prisoners

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