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Olga Zayats

Now in the pre-trial detention center on Volodarka in the women’s cell is imprisoned transgender man Oleg Zayats, but according

Anastasia Honcharevich

Belarusian Anastasiya Goncharevich was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for participation in protests and “insulting” a

Katerina Andreeva

Together with journalist Darya Chultsova, she became a defendant in a criminal case for organizing actions that grossly violate public

Olga Lesovik

Belarusian Olga Lesovik was detained together with her husband Maxim. The couple is raising three minor children. Olga spent two

Yulia Livyant

Yulia Livyant is the wife of a well-known Belarusian teacher, tutor in physics and mathematics, head of the tutoring center

Anna Livyant

Belarusian Anna Livyant is the daughter of a well-known Belarusian teacher, tutor in physics and mathematics, head of the tutoring

Katerina Makarevich

Belarusian Ekaterina Makarevich was accused of organizing so-called “extremist” performances. Allegedly, together with a group of people, Ekaterina held a

Viktoria Gavrilina

Belarusian Victoria Gavrilina is a dancer, entrepreneur and mother of two underage boys – Yan and Taras. She was sentenced

Anna Korneenko

Belarusian Anna Korneenko was sentenced to five years in prison. Previously, the woman worked as an accountant at Minsk Electrotechnical

Marina Sankevich

Belarusian Marina Sankevich was sentenced to seven years in prison for comments in the Telegram channels, which the Belarusian authorities

Alina Goreva

Alina Goreva was detained on the day when she received her diploma of geodesist at the graduation ceremony at the

Irena Klevets

Minsk resident Irena Klevets has two children. The woman is charged with four criminal articles. Irena is a specialist of

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Political prisoners

Stories and portraits of Belarusian political prisoners

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