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Anna Livyant

Anna Livyant

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Belarusian Anna Livyant is the daughter of a well-known Belarusian teacher, tutor in physics and mathematics, head of the tutoring center “100 Points,” Eugeni Livyant, who was detained in December together with his wife, Yulia Livyant.

Their daughter Anna was detained at her parents’ trial in December 2022, when she returned from Poland with her husband. In a “penitential video” the girl says she participated in “unauthorized mass events” in 2020.

Russian journalist Ekaterina Yanshina, who spent 15 days in Okrestina, told” about Anna:

“She and her husband Nikita were detained at the court when they came to her parents’ house for the trial. And at the morning ‘shmona’ she listened to hear the surname of her father or mother. She had already assumed then that she would have a criminal record. If you’re sitting on Okrestina, you don’t want to be released early. Because if they come for you early, it means you’re not going anywhere. So it’s either a new 24 hours or a felony.

That’s what happened to Anna. She was picked up early, and we learned from another girl from the detention center that she had a criminal case and was waiting to be sent to the pre-trial detention center.”

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