Political prisoners

Hanna Pyshnik

Hanna Pyshnik

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Belarusian political prisoner Hanna Pyshnik is 29 years old. She was sentenced to three years in prison for speaking out against the war in Ukraine. According to the indictment, Hanna recorded a video on her iPhone showing the trail of a flying military object and sent it to an “extremist” Telegram channel. She also left two comments in which she reported that two missiles had been launched, and the military equipment, following from Mozyr, had been previously stationed in one of the towns in the area, where there were 60 more helicopters located. The second footage with the helicopter already flying over her house in Mozyr was made two days later. She also decided to share it. Hanna left a comment about several helicopters flying around the area. 17 videos with the moving Russian military equipment were found in Anna’s phone. Also, during the search of her apartment, a bracelet in white-red-white style was found. Anna’s husband and little daughter, whom she loves very much, are waiting for her at home.

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